Coda DNC 260



Two balanced inputs and six balanced outputs
High quality 96 kHz audio processing
Easy to use
Factory presets for all Coda Audio Systems
Customer presets
PC control
C-NET networking option


Key Features
The Coda Audio DNC260 System Controller is a high performance, easy to use signal processor containing presets for all Coda Audio loudspeaker systems. The DNC260 provides generous amounts of signal processing capability and is complemented by a highly flexible parameter arrangement ideally suited to touring and installation applications.

The DNC260 may be controlled just as comprehensively from its front panel, or by using the C-Net software application. C-Net software can operate a single DNC260, or can optionally control a multi-km network of products using the optional C-NET network (DNC260N).

Sonic Purity
The DNC260 uses 96kHz sampling rate, Burr-Brown analogue-to-digital converter, Wolfson multi-bit digital-to-analogue converter, and a powerful 3rd generation Sharc Digital signal Processor. All this adds up to deliver the ultimate in sonic transparency and a stunning open natural sound quality. 

Factory Presets
The DNC260 has complementary preset library for all Coda Audio loudspeaker systems. Presets are stored permanently.

User Presets
The user cannot access or overwrite the factory presets but can effectively overlay the factory settings using master EQs to match different acoustic environments or apply delay for time alignment or change gains to create and save their own variants.


Parameter ranges

Input Gain -80 to +20dB
Input Delay 0 to 405ms
Input HPF Freq. 20Hz to 25 kHz
Input HPF shapes 1st order, Bes12,
But12, LR12, Bes18, But18, Bes24, But24, LR24, Hardman4th
Output Gain -80 to +20dB
Output Polarity Norm, Invert
Output Delay 0 to 80ms
Para EQ Freq 10Hz to 25 kHz
Para EQ Width 0.1 to 5.2 Oct Q 0.2 to 14.2
Para EQ Gain -15 to +15dB
Para EQ Slope 6 to 12dB
Shelf EQ Freq 10Hz to 25 kHz
Shelf EQ Gain -15 to +15dB


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