Avolite Pearl Tiger


En klassiker för rock till opera gig... 30faders, 10 playbacks, en rulle och en liten skärm. Inga touch paneler och inga konstiga bitmap funktioner.

All the power of an Avolites Pearl at an irresistible price
Offers all the Pearl features including Theatre Playback, timecode, MIDI triggers, etc
2,048 channels to 240 moving lights on 4 isolated DMX outputs
10 playback submasters, expandable to 15 with external playback wing
Full personality library in the console, with free updates on website
Can Save multiple shows instantly to internal USB flash disk or external USB memory stick
Can Load or Save any Pearl show
Supplied with colour LCD VGA screen
Tiger footprint – 67cm by 48cm by 14cm or 30cm with VGA screen
Tiger weight – 13 Kg
No additional training required for Pearl users
Looks extremely cute!


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