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AKG D112 Mikrofon

AKG D112 är en dynamisk mikrofon bäst lämpad för upptagning av lågfrekvent material såsom bastrumma, golvpuka och basförstärkare.
Då AKG D112 tål starka ljudvolymer gör den sig även passande för t.ex. tuba och trombon.

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The pop recording industry often prefers selected models
of dynamic microphones for the pickup of closely spaced
bass drums and bass guitar amplifiers. The reason is that the
moving system of the dynamic can be designed to handle
these high excursions with very high mechanical linearity. The
AKG Model D 112 is a descendent of AKG’s earlier D 12
dynamic microphone, widely known for its ability to handle
high level signals from bass drums and bass guitars in the
studio. The microphone has been designed with a low
resonance frequency and can handle very high transient
signals with virtually unmeasurable distortion. High frequency
response has been tailored to keep both bass drum and bass
guitar clearly distinguishable in the mix. A built-in windscreen
makes the D 112 also suitable for high SPL instruments
(trombone and tuba)



Transducer type: Dynamic pressure gradient
Frequency response: 20 Hz-17 kHz
Polar pattern: Cardioid
Impedance: 210 ohms
Output connector: XLR-M
Sensitivity: 1.8 mV/Pa; -55 dB (re 1 V)
Sound pressure level for 1% /3% THD: virtually unmeasurable
Size: 5.9″ x 2.8″ x 4.5″
(150 mm x 70 mm x 115 mm)
Net weight: 11.3 oz. (320 g)
Shipping weight: 2.2 lb. (990 g)



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