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Beyerdynamic Opus 62 Mikrofon

120 kr

Beyerdynamic OPUS 62 är en dynamisk mikrofon.
Samma som OPUS 67 men med ett klämfäste för bl.a. slagverk och blåsinstrument.

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The Opus 62 has been designed for miking windinstruments.
The built-in clamp ensures easy and secure mounting and the flexible gooseneck
allows optimal positioning and pick-up of the sound source.

A bass boost (proximity effect) can beinfluenced by moving the microphone closer to the soundsource.
To achieve the maximum gain before feedback the monitoringspeakers should be at an angle of 110° to the longitudinalaxis of the microphone.



Transducer type: Dynamic

Operating principle: Pressure gradient

Frequency response: 40 – 12,000 Hz

Polar pattern: Hypercardioid

Open circuit voltage: 1.5 mV/Pa = -56 dBV

Nominal impedance: 200 Ohm

Load impedance:  > 1 kOhm

Connection: 3-pin XLR male

Weight (without cable): 62 g


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